whereness, Vancouver, 2016

‘whereness’ connects the past to the present, continually unfolding as we move through space and time. The sculpture acknowledges the practice of piling rocks at certain points along pathways to guide travelers crossing the landscape. This simple custom is still common across cultures around the world.

‘whereness’ provides a tactile link between the area’s geological past and its current state. The bottom boulder of the sculpture is a granite glacial erratic, deposited at this address thousands of years ago as a huge ice sheet receded up the Fraser Valley. This very boulder was scanned and replicated six times, then stacked to form a visual puzzle.

At 20’ high, ‘whereness’ marks physical material realities while it simultaneously projects ever-changing ephemeral conditions of light, movement, and colour from its aluminum sheen.

More photos coming soon.

Commissioned by Mosaic Homes for the City of Vancouver Public Art Program, 2016