verb mapping, Vancouver, ongoing

Verb Mapping refers to the articulation of 'action moments' or 'verbs' that come from sensing and observing a single place. This project invites a wide range of participants for the collective gathering of data using the same base map and process each time. The results to date include phrases, sketches, signs, and maps.

Verb Mapping is currently on the Istanbul Design Biennale's Mapmaker's Manifesto website.

thank you:
Angela Henderson, David Gregory, Hailey McCloskey, Lexi Vajda, Maria King, Rafaela Kirloss, Renee Sigouin, Josh Hite's Kits Youth Group, Justin Langlois' HUMN304 class Spring 2014, Justine A. Chambers, the Hadden Park participants of Vancouver Draw Down 2014, and Simon Levin's ISMA300 class Fall 2014.

This project is part of the Field House Residency program of the Vancouver Park Board. For more information please visit the ten fifteen maple website.

Hailey McCloskey